Attendance- 90% Rule

  • The single biggest factor for school success is regular attendance. Therefore, in Texas, students under the age of 18 are required by state law to attend school 90% of the time the class is offered. 
  • Students are considered absent for each class if they miss more than half of the class period. 
  • Parents will receive an automated phone call from the district when their student is absent from class. 
  • Students who miss more than 10% of any course may be retained in the same grade level the next school year. 
  • Students have the opportunity to make up attendance by attending Tutorials, Homework Club or Twilight Credit Recovery, Tuesday thru Thursday, 3:55 p.m. – 5:20 p.m. 
  • A student must be in each class 90% of the time to receive credit for that class

Attendance - credit recovery

More information is available from this website: Attendance Compulsory 

The method of credit approval or recovery is unique to each student. Examples of actions under the Principal’s Plan for recovery may include, but are not limited to:

  • Additional work is assigned
  • Tutoring/study hall time is assigned
  • Practice on SAT/ACT skills (must occur outside of school day, but at the school site)
  • NJHS/PALS/AVID tutoring (must occur outside of the school day)
  • Any combination of the above, or Other academic activities as assigned.

Attendance - Absence

What to do when your child is absent

  1. Please do not call the office to inform us.
  2. Email a note to explaining the absence. The note becomes a permanent part of school records and must include:
    • student’s first and last name
    • grade
    • date(s) of absence
    • the reason for missing school
    • daytime phone number
  3. Handwritten notes and emails are accepted within two days of the student returning to school (not excused)
  4. A medical professional note may excuse the absence, this is always preferred over a parent/guardian note.


What to do when your child is late to school 

  1. Check-in through the front office. 
  2. If a student comes in late because of a late AISD school bus, they will receive a late bus pass and an excused tardy is recorded.
  3. If a student comes in late with a note from a parent or accompanied by a parent, then the student receives an unexcused tardy slip from the Attendance Clerk.
  4. Student must report to class immediately after getting tardy slip from front office.

Attendance-leave early

What to do when your child needs to leave early

  1. A parent/guardian picking up a student that needs to leave during the day may call the main office at 512-414-3207 when they are on their way. A note can also be sent to the student, and they can turn that into the office. 
  2. The parent/guardian must show their ID and be on the student’s pick-up list. 
  3. When returning to campus, the student should come to the office to sign in and bring a note from the parent/guardian or a medical professional.