Health Office

School Nurse & Medications

The nurse or the Seton Health Assistant is available the majority of the school day for students with medical emergencies and problems arising during school hours. If a student needs to take medication while at school, a parent/guardian must come into the school, fill out and sign a Student Medication Request Form and bring the medication in a current prescription bottle directly to the nurse. This procedure includes prescription and over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, aspirin, etc.). The school does not provide any medication. Only medications provided by parents/guardians with a written request by the parent or guardian and in some cases by the physician will be given by the nurse. The written request should include the student’s name, name of the medication, the purpose, and dosage, expiration date, when it should be taken, and how. All medicines should be sent in the original container, with appropriate labels, and must be kept in the school‘s health office.

Any student in possession of prescribed medication on their person will have administrative consequences. With the exception of inhalers and diabetic supplies, students may not store any medicine in their backpacks. Students with inhalers should still notify the school nurse when they use them. The sale of prescription medication is a mandatory removal to the Alternative Learning Center. This includes ADHD medication. Possession of prescription medication that is not prescribed to the possessor is a mandatory hearing. Always notify the nurse if your child has any major medical condition, such as asthma, epilepsy, severe food allergies, sickle cell anemia, etc.