Dining Services

Student Dinning Commons


The Dinning Commons

The dining commons provides breakfast and lunch for all students and staff. Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m., and students attend a 30-minute lunch period according to their schedule. 

In the dining commons, students are expected to behave appropriately. Students should:

  • Walk with teacher directly to dining commons.
  • Take a seat in the designated area or head to a lunch line. 
  • Sit as they eat, one student per seat. 
  • Clean up when they have finished eating.
  • Dining commons clean up the last 5 minutes of lunch. 
  • Do not throw food, sit on tables, cut in line, or run in the dining commons. 
  • Leave only with adult approval and a signed pass.
  • Take a seat and wait for dismissal by an assistant principal at the end of lunch. 

*AISD does not allow students to bring food (i.e., cupcakes, pizza, cake) to share with other students.. 

*Marshall does not allow food delivery services to deliver food to students. Examples of this include Favor, Door Dash, UberEats, and other businesses that provide these services. 

*Parent/guardian may drop off food for their student, but must be dropped off in the front office during their assigned lunch time. 

A new meal application is required each school year. Online meal applications can be submitted by creating an account at schoolcafe.com. A paper application is also available in our office. 

Austin ISD Free & Reduced Meals Information.