We take bullying and harassment seriously here at Marshall Middle School. Any aggressive behavior or intentional harm-doing; can be physical, verbal, emotional, or cyber and is carried out repeatedly over time or creates an imbalance of power. There will be no tolerance for behavior described below:

Examples of bullying include 

  • name calling
  • racial slurs
  • unauthorized, unwanted or inappropriate touching
  • making fun of a person’s appearance
  • telling mean jokes or rumors about someone
  •  threatening to hurt a person
  • shoving or elbowing someone
  • making threatening gestures or postures
  • derogatory comments texted or on social media. 

Students and /or parents can report bullying by completing an incident report.  
Consequences: parent contact, class change, mediation, mandatory bullying course, in-school suspension (ISS), home suspension (HSS), discipline hearing removal to ALC.

Report Bullying